The meyumi story

So, this actually wasn’t even our idea. It was one of our daughter’s (we won’t say which one!).

She was complaining (that should help to figure out which daughter) how to manage giving something to her friends for graduation.

A GIFT? A piece of jewelry, an accessory, anything! Always a great idea. But if it’s a gift without a personal card, well — her friends will think she is insensitive.

A CARD? Cards are sweet. But no gift? Won’t work. And anyway, the cards would get thrown out after a time no matter what.

Both? Great. And then she’ll have to go to one store for a gift, then another store for a card. And anyway, a lot of the cards out there are just, well, kind of tacky.

“So”, our over think everything daughter wondered “you’ve been in the jewelry business forever, why can’t you just come up with something that will cover all bases. A nice jewelry gift WITH a card. And make sure that card is not tacky. And make it one that I can personalize. And make the price sharp.”

Pretty demanding, huh? (That, too, will help you figure out which daughter.)

But it was a great idea. We’d seen sound cards, pop-up cards and others, but nothing with high quality, well priced jewelry. Basically, no alternative that offers a real gift with the card.

So, we said “let’s do it”. And keep the pricing just as sharp as some of the other card concepts. And make the site really cool. And make the card design something you just won’t find in the drug store card aisle.

And here is it. meyumi jewelry cards. A card with something you can keep and not just put into a drawer only to throw it away a few months later.

me + you = ♥